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I love travel!
Travel enriches life.

As you probably already know, Okinawa, where we are based, is a place blessed with abundant nature and tourism resources, a world-class ocean and many species of plants and animals that can only be found in subtropical climates. Visitors from all over Japan and abroad- with neighboring China at the forefront- come to Okinawa for summer vacation every year.

However, despite this Okinawa is still not well-known overseas. With the motto, “From Okinawa to the world,” and unique ideas, we provide tours to Okinawa with a focus on visitors from Europe and Asia. Furthermore, we warmly welcome overseas visitors to Okinawa by providing a wide variety of tours.

In order to lookout for what suits the current times, I, myself, am constantly visiting every country in the world possible and instead of just visiting tourist attractions and historical sites, I also make it a point to experience the food culture, interact with local people, and only select the very best things to offer.

Hereafter, as travel professionals we will create new things in the travel and tourism industry and continue to grow so that we can share the excitement with our customers through their travels. Our societal contribution project began with building elementary, middle, and high schools in Cambodia, and in order to further promote Okinawa, which is rich in tourism resources, to the world, we would like to make similar contributions to other ASEAN countries by providing educational opportunities to children who are not blessed with a good education system and support them so that they grow up to become leaders of the cultural and economic exchange between Okinawa and their own countries.

Jumbo Tours Co. Ltd.

President & CEO
Shoki Tanimura

Received Okinawa Prefecture’s Distinguished Service in Tourism Award on August 1, 2018. 

Recognized as a Kita-Daito Village Tourism Ambassador on August 27, 2018.



We love travel.
"We want to share experiences that were actually moving and enjoyable with many people." By sharing "moving experiences" with our customers, we are able contribute to the improvement of the global environment and the creation of a better future through our travel and services.

We will pursue safe and reliable service that moves our customers and brings them joy.
We will convey each of our own inspiring experiences to customers.
Our entire company will work together to maintain mutual trust between customers, companies, and our employees.
We will not forget our origins and will continue to work to ensure that we are properly doing what we are supposed to do.
We will strive to create an environment in which awareness changes people.


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