Each and every staff member at Jumbo Tours is involved in “planning and development” to create added value for the travel and tours for our customers. 

     Furthermore, we are proactively engaged in making contributions to people, society, and the planet. 

     We have developed two major businesses directly connected to the mobilization and speed of travel products, “international tours” and “domestic tours”. Each is divided into two organizational structures, planning and development and media. Through specialization, we are able to work towards improving the quality and safety of our products while further improving our services, thereby leading to sustainable growth.

Media Dept.
Promotion Hdq.
Inbound Dept.
Sales Dept.
Travel Hdq.
Import Sales Dept. & Restaurant Dept.

Section 01

Media Department & Promotion Headquarters

Providing valuable information obtained from local people. <International Dept.・Domestic Dept.・Nagoya Media Sect.・Creative Production Sect.>

     Keeping Jumbo Tours’ philosophy in mind and utilizing worldwide ties created by past initiatives and achievements, we are committed to the planning and development of contents that are truly wonderful and fun.
     Furthermore, utilizing a wide range of media outlets including TV, newspaper, radio, and print media, we are able to transmit information to the market and share the allure of each tour package we planned and developed directly with our end users.
     We are endeavoring to convey the appeal of real travel in a more concrete and understandable way.

Section 02

Inbound Department

Our hospitality makes people from all over the world want to come back again.

     As the country promotes policies aimed at making the nation a travel destination, the inbound tourism sector, which supports the demand of overseas tourists to Japan, is positioned as a key industry for countries and regions.
     We provide travel services to visitors to Japan by uncovering regional resources, offering products that meet the needs of each country, and making arrangements. Based on the objective and purpose of the visit, length of stay, number of people, etc., we provide information about transportation, accommodations, meals, sightseeing attractions, etc., to meet the needs of each country.
     Our mission is to provide plans and hospitality that make our guests want to come back again after their trip. We are also endeavoring to make people from around the world fall in love with Japan and Okinawa.

Section 03

Sales Department

Leading the way to the future with planning and proposal skills.

     What is sought after is planning and proposal skills that lead the way to a better future. We have established a reputation for our sales activities that take the client’s point of view into consideration, respond with an attention to detail and spirit of hospitality, and are backed by a lot of experience and professional know-how.

 Due to the advancement of individualization and grouping, whether domestic, international, or inbound, the range of activities of travelers has become more extensive than ever before. In order to handle this situation, it is becoming increasingly important to engage in a wide range of initiatives regarding tourism promotion and the planning and development of optional tours is increasing and not be restricted by local governments such as prefectures and cities. We are also developing new endeavors based on business proposals related to MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Events/Exhibitions).

Section 04

Domestic Travel Production & Planning Headquarters

Travel starts with planners with new concepts.

     The travel business has been significantly altered by the acceleration of changes in society, markets, and the environment as well as the remarkable proliferation of the internet. In such a context, Jumbo Tours has gone back to basics by launching the Web Media Section in pursual of travel planning capacity with more advanced creativity.
     In addition to further strengthening the travel planning capabilities of our main brand, JJ Tours, we are working to develop products and services in the domestic market by concentrating on the planning and development of new domestic packages for independent travelers.
In order to respond to individual needs, an environmentally-friendly travel style, and current trends, we will launch multiple brands and develop sales in a unique and specialized way.

Section 05

Import Sales Department & Restaurant Operation Department

Import Sales Department

We import wine from Romania and the Republic of Moldova. Jumbo Tours President and CEO, Mr. Tanimura, carefully selects wine from all over the world and imports wines that have not been imported to Japan before. The wine we import can be enjoyed at hotels and restaurants in Okinawa, and of course at our company’s restaurant, SOLIS GRANDE. 


Restaurant Operation Department

Our restaurant offers Romanian and Moldovan wines, which have received high praise at international trade fairs, as well as Mediterranean cuisine using local Okinawan ingredients, such as Neapolitan deep-fried pizza, and authentic Italian gelato.