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Yui ma-ru School Project in Cambodia

Yui ma-ru School Project in CambodiaThe intellectual class had been severely opposed by Pol Pot dictatorship for more than 20 years. Because of such influence, quite a few children have not yet received enough education in Cambodia. As several individuals and organizations have made monetary
donations in recent years, the numbers of schools have increased. Yet, there is a huge gap of life styles between cities and rural areas. Although the rate of school attendance in rural areas has been improved, the reality is that the rate of graduating school has been still low.

One of those rural areas is Kokdong commune. There are 11 elementary schools, but the reality is that children stop going to school after graduating from elementary schools because there is no junior high school. Thus, we have been determined to support
them to continue their educations so that they could achieve their future goals.

Schools Jumbo Tours built

csr_img02So far, we have built 2 elementary schools and 1 junior high school in Cambodia. We have constructed senior high schools so that children could continue their further educations. Within 5 years, we hope to select one of those children who have received
educations from those schools as the first student who receives scholarship from Jumbo Tours Co. Ltd. and let him/her enter the University of Ryukyus in order for him/her to learn the Japan’s tourism industries.

We have aimed to give the student the complete financial supports and the environment to let him/her concentrate on the study so that he/she could work as independent licensed guide after obtaining the national license of Cambodia within 7 years.

Having launched this activity as a start, if we can contribute to the expansion of mutual exchange between Okinawa and Cambodia in personal, cultural, and financial way, we hope to have mutual developments for each other.

The spirit of “Yui ma-ru”

The word “Yui ma-ru” is one of Okinawan word that means “to help each other” and its spirit. The “Yui ma-ru” spirit is the spirit that have been valued and practiced by Okinawa islanders for a long time.


Photos selected from visits to the schools from 2005 to 2015.

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Footage Video: The heart of Yui Ma-ru that binds Okinawa and Cambodia

This special program was made and broadcasted by one of Okinawa’s local TV stations in 2011

Project Updates


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