SAKURA-Cherry blossoms in Okinawa

The most well know Sakura,nation's earliest cherry blossoms are blooming into season in northern Okinawa.
All the Sakura Matsuri, cherry blossom festivals beginning this weekend, offering spectators breathtaking views of the islands famous blooms. The 32th Motobu Yaedake Sakura Festival kicks off this Saturday on the January 16th through February 7th. More than 7,000 sakura
are displaying their brilliant pinks from the base of Mount Yaedake.

----the SEASHORE--- in Miyako Island

A subtropical paradise far from mainland of Japan…
A tiny hotel newly opened in December 2009 at Miyako Island.


Taiwanese home cooking & bar 月琴食堂(Chinese Kitchen)


Taiwan, the nearest country from Okinawa.
Its foods are very familiar and popular among all as Chinese food culture. Such an authentic cuisine can be enjoyed at ‘Chinese Kitchen’.



The Beach Tower 5Days Package

The Beach Tower Package

The Beach Tower Okinawa is situated in Mihama's American Village, a youthful hotspot known as the Odaiba of Okinawa. Come experience the island at its premier beach resort. Relax on your balcony while enjoying the brilliant sunset on the horizon of the East China Sea and from all of the rooms, guests can enjoy a view of the magnificent East China Sea.

Kanucha Bay Hotel Villas 5Days Package

Kanucha Bay Hotel Villas Package

Kanucha Bay Hotel & Villas is in the northern region of Okinawa's main Island where a treasure of natural beauty enveloped by tropical breeze. It is painted in nature colors. Kanucha blends in with its 800.000 square meters of lush green and flowers gently touched by the sea-breeze. Kanucha is a high-class resort that invites you to cocoon in the open clear atmosphere of self-conscious luxury.
In the winter season, a million lights, depicting a scene performed by the stars in heaven for 134days. Kanucha is bathed in multicolored brilliance, opening the door to a spectacular world of illumination.

Nikko Alivila Resort 5Days Package

Nikko Alivila Resort Package

Built in a Spanish colonial style with its red tiled roof and white walls where natural light plays in the corridors, especially the lobby has the allure of a Mediterranean museum. The relaxing comfort of the rooms sets a standard for resort hotels.

The name "Alivila" is combination of the Spanish words "alivio" (relaxation) and "villa" (country house). Each of the 397 bright Caribbean style rooms has a dramatic ocean view and the various fine restaurants and bars offer a memorable resort experience.

The Busena Terrace Beach Resort 5Days Package

The Busena Terrace Beach Resort Package

Located on Cape Busena, a famous panorama near Nago in the north of Okinawa.
Set in splendid natural surroundings, Busena Terrace lets wind and light play in its open architecture, at time fading indoor and outdoor.Busena also hosts the "Bankoku-shinryokan" where the 2000 G8 Summit was held

Okinawa Marriott Resort & Spa 5 Days Package

Okinawa Marriott Resort & Spa Package

Overlooking the East China Sea, the hotel spreads out towards the ocean and sky. It is a v-shaped magnificent 15-story building overlooking the beautiful East China Sea, where you can start your day seeing a sunrise from one wing facing Nago Bay, and end your day seeing a beautiful sunset from the other wing.

Relax and enjoy quality and comfort while viewing the inspiring scenery from their luxurious rooms. This luxurious resort features ocean view rooms and suites, stylish restaurants and a world-class spa. As Okinawans most luxurious and secluded resort hotel.Located in a central part of the island, you have a good access to both north and south for any attraction and entertainment.
Private beach is located close our hotel.(Free transportation service)



Looking for hotels in Okinawa?

Check out Jumbo Tours' recommendations for hotels! Jumbo Tours has many kinds of hotels available for you! Not in our list? Just send us a quick note and we can find you a perfect hotel for you!



Go for it! Seasonal Whale Watching Tour (Jan 7th -Apr)


Don't miss! During the limited period, Ultra discount to be offered only by Jumbo Tours.
Dr. Whale, the No. 1 guide in the area, will escort you to the point!!
(*Japanese speaking guide only)
Let's go for whales by the spacious cruiser.
The biggest mammals in the world. Don't miss the dramatic moment!!

An encounter ratio is 99% however just in case you'll miss whales or dolphins, the paid money will be refunded.

Okinawa Prefecture Karate Museum2

----- The museum is where roots and spirit of Karate will be inherited by the next generation.


Okinawa, the birthplace and a Mecca of karate, invites so many karate enthusiasts from all over the world who are seeking for roots of karate.
Okinawa Prefecture Karate Museum was established in order to exhibit as many materials and documents as possible about the history of karate and kobudo and pass them down to posterity. There are various ancient weapons, tools and karate related materials displayed.

Wearing Ryuso-dress plan, perfect for celebration an Anniversary

At World Heritage, Shikina Royal Garden,
In impressive, colorful Ryuso-dress, only Jumbo Tours can
help you have a memorable photograph taken!!


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